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Street Art canvas paintings is slowly carving itself a choice place in the contemporary art world. After dressing the walls of our cities and abandoned buildings, urban art has arrived in art galleries across the world. Based in Montreal, we showcase graffiti canvas art work of international urban artists which are influenced by the worlds of illustration, design, pop culture, and graffiti canvas art. We also aim to showcase new inspiring work that is sometimes forgotten by the traditional art gallery circuit.

Who would know the names of Hemingway, Appolinaire, Lorca, Marquez and many other geniuses today, had it not been for publishing houses who gave their works to people. Had it not been for graffiti art canvas publishers, who believed in their talent. Today the whole world knows the names of Rembrandt, Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso. But virtually no one remembers the names of those who made the artists known.

Time will go by.  Many of the today’s graffiti street art canvas paintings artists will find their places in the best galleries of the world. And once more no one will remember those who were the first to discover and present them. Every time a picture is sold, the artist gains recognition. For a gallery owner, this is an honor. The honor of making a graffiti canvas paintings artist known. This is the gallery’s accomplishment.

The mission of Djoon Gallery is to present and to promote the street art canvas paintings artists of today, and show their talent in graffiti canvas paintings, those who continue expressing themselves in liberty. Those who do not choose colors to cater to the taste of their clients, but rather are guided by the inspiration of the moment, by the messages they want to convey to us. To learn more about graffiti art canvas, visit this page for more info street art canvas paintings.


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